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Frequently asked questions by our customers.

What are your Policies & Booking Procedures?
Refer to the "Terms & Conditions" section which is located under the "Book Now" Tab on the navigation tab on the top of every page on our website.
What do we provide?
Female & male exotic dancers for “dancing only” entertainment for group events. We do NOT allow or offer escort services & we do not do or provide one on one services. You must have a legitimate group event or party to order our services. What are your office hours? See homepage of our website.
Do we bait & switch dancers?
Absolutely NOT! You receive the dancer you choose if available. We do recommend you give us at least 2 – 3 options should your 1st choice not be available. If the dancer you booked is not available, someone from our office will notify you before we confirm your reservation. We advise you call our office prior to booking to check availability first. In case of emergency, you will always be notified prior to the dancer arrival if your dancer has an emergency & can’t do your show.
Are all the dancers you offer on the website?
Yes. We don’t mislead or hide our dancers. What you see is what we offer. All of our dancers are mandated to be on our site in order to work for our company.
How much does a dancer cost?
Prices range from $175 on up & are based on the “Type of Show” you choose, the duration & the location of your event. Call for details!
What type of shows do your dancers do?
We have a wide range of shows for our dancers, ranging from bikini, topless & fully nude for our female dancers, & boxer brief, G-String or fully nude for our male dancers. You can book as many as you want.
How long are the shows?
For our female dancers, we have 30 Min., 1 hr., 2 Hr. or more depending on the situation. For our male dancers, we offer 30 Min., 1 Hr. or longer. We let our dancers stay as long as they want. If you tip generously, chances are they will stay longer, but booking them for a longer duration IN ADVANCE will give you the guarantee of a longer show.
Can you customize a show?
Absolutely! We can customize & tailor your show according to your specifications within reason & if compliant with federal & state laws. Call for details.
How do you pay the dancer, & is there a deposit to book them?
Yes, a deposit is required upon booking any of our dancers. We accept all major credit or debit cards. That will be deducted from your total leaving you a balance due to be paid to the dancer in cash upon arrival.
Where can the dancers do a show?
Personal residence (house, apartment, condo), hotels, party buses, houseboats, RV’s or motor homes, clubhouses, etc. In general, anywhere it is private & closed to the public. We do send dancers to bars, ballrooms & VIP rooms that may be open to the public however there are limitations on what type of show we can provide & what the venue may or may not allow.
How far do our dancers travel?
We typically service Atlanta, Georgia & the outlying areas of Alabama, Tennessee, South Carolina & North Carolina, & northern Florida. Travel fees will apply for any location more than 30 mins. from downtown Atlanta.
How much are travel fees?
Travel fees apply if your location is more than 30 mins. from downtown Atlanta. They range but generally run around $25 for up to & each additional 30 mins. it takes to arrive to your location if outside the metro Atlanta area. If your location is more than 3 hours away, you will be responsible for a hotel room for the dancer in addition to travel fees.
How do you book a dancer?

You fill out the Entertainer Online Booking Form which is found on our website. A deposit will be required that will be applied to your credit or debit card upon booking. You will receive an email confirmation thereafter.

When can I book a dancer, & how much notice do you need?

You can book our dancers 7 days or nights a week & anytime day or night up to 12 midnight.  Please note our office is closed on Sunday & all major holidays, so if your show falls on a Sunday or holiday, you must book your dancer online during our normal office hours which is listed on the homepage of our website.  If you have a special request that requires a later arrival, call us to discuss.  We recommend you book 2 weeks or more advance notice to ensure the dancer & time you want.  The more the notice, the better.  Same day or night bookings are possible, but expect limited availability should this be the case.

What is allowed at a show?

We provide “dancing entertainment” only for group events. Lap dances, show tricks & other fun interactive games can be enjoyed by all your guests. We do NOT provide escort services nor do we provide our shows to anyone under the age of 18. You must be 18 yrs. or older to book our dancers.

How much do you tip a dancer?
At Topshelf, tips are OPTIONAL, however, we recommend you tip based on the two P’s…participation & performance. If the dancer is giving you a great performance, or if you & your guests want to participate by receiving lap dances, be prepared to tip accordingly. Tips are greatly appreciated & the shows will usually be indicative of your generosity or lack thereof.
Do you provide dollar bills for tipping?
If you call in advance, we can make that happen in most cases. We recommend the host to go to the bank prior to your event to ensure adequate tipping.
Do our dancers provide their own music?
Yes, all of our dancers are mandated to provide their own music & music player. If you have a special request, they will be more than happy to accommodate any special requests you might have regarding a particular song you want them to dance to or if you have a DJ, no worries, we can work with most scenarios.
Are your dancers “On Time”?
Being on time is paramount to us, so we mandate that all of our entertainers arrive early or on time. You should never expect anything less as long as it is in our control. If however your dancer runs a little late, the dancer will call you & make it up to you when they arrive. If the delay is caused by acts of nature or anything out of our control, we will gladly refund your deposit should this be the case (See booking policy & info page for details).
What costumes do your dancers have?
All of our female dancers have the Sexy Cop & School Girl costumes, & most of our male dancers have the Male Cop outfit. Some have many costumes you can choose from. See the Female & Male Costume pages of our website for ideas, & click on the dancer you want to read his or her bio to see what costumes they provide. Make sure you choose the costume that corresponds with the dancer chosen when you book them online.
Can we see your dancers perform prior to booking our show?
No, unfortunately our dancers work primarily for Topshelf Entertainment only, so you must pay to play.
Is Topshelf Entertainment in other cities?
No, we only service Atlanta, GA. & surrounding areas within 2-3 hrs. away in most cases. The only way to bring you the quality you expect, we must hire locally to ensure quality control. We meet & hire each dancer in person & thoroughly train each dancer before they work for us. We don’t just throw up some random dancer pictures & hope it works out. Most companies never meet the dancers they hire, much less train their dancers. Many companies just put up every dancer picture they receive in their inbox, or worse, put up fake or bought pictures to lead you in, make their website & their business look like they have more dancers than they really do, & then bait & switch you the night of your event. We never misrepresent or mislead our customers. Rest assured that will never happen with Topshelf Entertainment. What you see if what we have, & who you pick is who you get (pending availability which you will be notified prior to processing your order).
What are the rules & regulations during the show?

We are very accommodating in many ways but we do want to let you know that there are several things we don't allow or offer, & we have rules, regulations & policy's that must be followed.  Please WARN your patrons & guests PRIOR to the dancer's arrival of these rules & regs to ensure your show is a success!  Failure to do so may cause theshow to terminate early or all together:

  • We are NOT & do NOT offer escort services of any kind.  Please do NOT ask for such services.  We provide “Dancing Only” entertainment services, so please treat our dancers as such.  Do NOT ask our dancers for drugs.  We are a clean company.  Our dancers do not provide, sell, encourage the use of, or use illegal drugs.
  • If the dancer is not paid CASH IN FULL upon initial arrival.
  • If the dancer needs to call you for directions, room #'s, etc. in which you do no return her call, or youdo not answer your contact number(s).
  • If you or you guests are not ready or present when the dancer arrives in which to start her show on time due to any lengthy delay on your part.
  • If you or your patrons are being extremely disrespectful in any way, including but not limited to inappropriate vulgar or obscene behavior or using inappropriate rude, foul obscenities in which is directed towards our dancers (name calling). 
  • If any inappropriate touching, biting, slapping, hitting, spitting, etc. persists after being forewarned.
  • This is adult entertainment so please, no minors under the age of 18 allowed to view the show!  The show will not be provided IF the dancer suspects there are underage minors in attendance!
  • It is up to the entertainer if photos are allowed or not.  You MUST ask the entertainer PRIOR to the show if they allow this or not!  Disposal or erasure of the film or camera may be required if caught doing so. 
  • If they feel their security & safety is being threatened in any way.
  • If you or your guests do not interact, tip accordingly, or make the dancer feel welcomed, her performance will be indicative of such. 
  • Make sure you provide enough room in order to provide the dancer adequate space in which to do her show, & a separate room in which to change prior to & after the show.
  • If you fail to notify the office & leave a message should any discrepancy occur that evening.

If you do not adhere to our rules & regulations & booking policies stated in the email confirmation we send you, as noted on the website & the Terms & Conditions in whch you agreed to upon filling out he booking form, no refund or discounts will be considered or given in this case, & you will be financially responsibel for full payment regardless of the outcome.